Beyond Smart Solutions

"VOHMAN" comes from ancient Iranian mythology, meaning "Guardian Angel." With this original concept, the "VOHMAN" group was founded with the purpose of providing solutions for developing smart cities, and improving the quality of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). These Artificial intelligence-based solutions utilize specialized hardware and software platforms. Our endeavor is to improve technical expertise, employ academic and scientific elites, and develop and manufacture these systems for local needs. This is actually one way to put the tagline "Beyond Smart Solutions" into action.

AI Based Innovative Software

Our R&D team developed smart solutions in the areas of ITS, machine learning and image processing, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence-based systems and the integration of hardware platforms. These software solutions are built using embedded platforms and artificial intelligence, and their ability to integrate is a great competitive advantage.


Dedicated Hardware Platform

Our R&D team has designed all products based on dedicated and embedded hardware platforms. The architecture of these hardware platforms is based on the embedded concept and the actual performance of this type of system. This means that all the required processing is done locally, without the need for an external processor, and in real-time. Our hardware platforms are modular, and by increasing peripheral sensors and related modules, it allows the system to develop different functions.

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OCR Engine

One of the development fields in ITS is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) based systems. ANPR systems are integration between machine vision sensors, a processor suitable for the type of operation, along with a dedicated software and embedded hardware. This license plate reader engine uses neural network algorithms based on artificial intelligence to detect, extract and read license plates. The heart of this process is the OCR engine, which is developed compatible with all Iranian license plates. Therefore, any alteration is possible easily and quickly.

Stunning Urban Furniture Designs

The design of the product has been made with a future-oriented view and based on the current world standards in the field of urban furniture.


Dedicated User Interface

The user interface of our systems and products makes it possible to access the system settings and calibration in an easy environment with many features. In the systems developed by this company, the user interface has been designed and implemented, taking into account requirements such as user friendliness, an appropriate graphic environment, and sufficient access. Also, like other sections, there is the ability to develop and change the user interface based on customer needs.

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